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Kadan is seeking experienced, English speaking Certified Nursing Assistants, and Personal Care Assistants to assist our clients with activities of daily living. It could be for individuals returning home from a hospital stay due to illness or injury or clients who need some assistance at home to maintain their independence. We take pride in serving our client's needs. If you have a heart of gold, experience, dedication and a passion to help others, we would like to hear from you. Come join our team! We provide dedication, integrity and excellence in home care services. Apply now.

Committed to Providing High Quality Home Care

Kadan Homecare ensures that you and your loved ones are in safe, caring and capable hands. As a state-licensed homecare provider, we carefully screen all potential employees. The individuals who meet our rigorous requirements are experienced, bonded, insured and fully covered by workers compensation. Furthermore, all of our caregivers are Kadan Homecare employees, not independent contractors. Our clients find comfort in knowing their family member will be cared for by a trusted, fully vetted employee who is trained and supervised by a professional staff.

Caregiver 8 Step Hiring Process

For each caregiver, Kadan performs a rigorous 8 step hiring process:

  1. Pre-qualification - We screen all potential candidates on the telephone to determine their experience level, credentials, and licensing, and we discuss their reasons for seeking employment with Kadan Homecare. We schedule qualified candidates for a preliminary interview.

  2. Application -  Candidates must complete our detailed application. This allows us to carefully review past employment, education, professional and personal references, and state license documents.

  3. In-depth Interview - Our Human Resources Director conducts an in-depth interview with candidates to assess their reasons for becoming and remaining professional caregivers. We discuss their past work experience to identify skills learned, accomplishments met, and overall career goals. We learn a great deal about each candidate during this in-depth interview.

  4. Behavior-based Interview Scenarios -  Next, we present candidates with a variety of real-life scenarios and, based on their prior experience, ask them to discuss how they have handled such situations. Unique in the homecare industry, these interview scenarios help us determine candidates’ motivation, willingness and ability to learn new skills, and their work, educational, and life goals. Through this process, we can distinguish between candidates who are simply looking for work and those who have a passion for elder care and understand how to deal with clients’ frailties with compassion.

  5. Background Investigation -  After successfully completing this entire process, and if the Kadan Homecare team members concur, we then conduct extensive reference checking and a criminal background investigation. This in-depth process reveals any criminal history in the past 7 years, nationwide.

  6. Driving Check - We obtain a motor vehicle report on each candidate from the Georgia Department of Driver Services. This report is reviewed by our Human Resources Director to confirm the candidate meets our driving requirements. Kadan Homecare obtains an annual Motor Vehicle Report on each team member.

  7. Drug Testing - Each candidate must pass our thorough drug screening exam. Kadan Homecare is a Georgia Certified Drug Free Work Place. Each team member is subjected to random screening annually.

  8. Education and Training Course - Successful candidates return for an 8-hour hands-on education and training program. Here, an experienced registered nurse individually tests candidates in actual, physical demonstrations of their professional skills in senior care: ambulation, body mechanics, physical care, and more. Included in this process is another level of interviewing by the nurse to reaffirm issues or characteristics revealed in earlier steps of the screening process. Caregivers who successfully pass our stringent interviewing, testing, and background investigation are welcomed to Kadan Homecare with a complete orientation. At this point, we are thoroughly confident in our caregivers’ skills and abilities, and we begin looking for the right client match.

Ongoing Supervision and Training

Ongoing programs to ensure our caregivers meet the most rigorous standards in the industry:

  • Clinical supervision by a Registered Nurse.

  • Extensive background and reference checks for each potential caregiver.

  • Ongoing training for caregivers to ensure the highest level of skill and professional commitment to compassionate care.

Team Credentials

The Kadan team consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistants and Personal Care Assistants. Read more about the Kadan Team