Clearing Out The ClutterWith spring fast approaching, it’s a good time to do a good, traditional seasonal cleaning around the home. From top to bottom, here are five steps to get it done:

  1. Make a checklist – Write down all of the tasks you or your loved one would like to get done. This may include cleaning out the refrigerator, washing baseboards and/or scrubbing the floor. Be sure to include the following to reduce safety hazards:
    1. Dispose of expired medications or those that are no longer prescribed
    2. Toss out expired food items
    3. Replace batteries in smoke detectors
    4. Clear clutter from walkways
    5. Replace light bulbs
  2. Schedule it – Make a commitment to get it done.
  3. Enlist help – Make it a family event. The more, the merrier! Young people can easily assist with dusting, vacuuming and other tasks.
  4. Involve everyone – We all want to feel useful. No matter a person’s limitations, there are certainly ways they can help.
  5. Clear the clutter first – Things around the home accumulate quickly. If it’s been awhile since it’s been cleaned, you may have a lot of stuff to contend with. Don’t clean around the clutter – get rid of it! A guide to “clutter zones” in the home is on the back of this slip.

Bring in three bins – one for things to keep, one for things to donate and one for things to throw away. If you are helping someone with their cleaning, make sure you have their approval on which items go in which bins.