Finding an in-home care provider for a loved one can be an emotional, stressful and confusing process. How do you find a provider who will give your loved one the best possible care? Will they treat them like a member of their own family?

At Kadan, we understand the difficulties people face when searching for a home care provider. We know that you can’t simply take a company’s word that they are the best at what they do. That’s why we partner with an independent third-party, Home Care Pulse, to gather and report feedback from our clients, their families and our caregivers. They collect honest and unbiased information through random, live phone interviews with a percentage of clients and caregivers every month.

Each of our clients (or their designated representative) and caregivers is given the opportunity to rate our services on a scale of one to ten in a variety of areas. They are also asked about areas where Kadan excels as well as areas that need improvement.

For example, during surveys conducted last month, our clients reported:

  • “The women who have been taking care of me, especially in the last few weeks are just super.”
  • “Kadan Homecare is a wonderful company. They were beyond anything that we ever expected.”
  • “They could be more engaging with him.”
  • “We love [caregiver’s name], he is really good with my dad. My dad adores him.”
  • “All the people they sent were easy to work with and they came on time. I could always count on them.”
  • “I was very impressed with the customer service. They got back to me quickly when I had questions.”
  • “I would have liked someone who was more understanding.”
  • “I think they’re fabulous. They’re professional and I can always count on them.”
  • “They could have a more diverse group of people.”
  • “It is unbelievably perfect. The caregivers go above and beyond for us.”

Our caregivers say that Kadan is a great place to work:

  • “They treat you like family.”
  • “I like everything about them, they are the number one company I have worked for.”
  • “I would like to receive more details about the clients as well as hear from the previous person that they had before.”
  • “They look after their caregivers along with their clients.”
  • “They find me employment fast, and they always have something available and they try to accommodate me.”
  • “I don’t have enough hours.”
  • “They see what I’m good at and match me with a client who needs my skill set and experience.”

Here is a snapshot of the third-party survey results from the past year:

Based on the responses Home Care Pulse receives, they have recognized Kadan with three top awards – Best of Home Care Provider of Choice, Best of Home Care Employer of Choice and Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence. We are proud to have achieved these top marks consistently for the past several years.

As our CEO, Linda Kadan, says, “The Kadan difference is the intensity and obsession with which we care for our clients.” We are committed to caring for families like only family can with personal care and companion care. Because we are so dedicated to our mission, we invest in our partnership with Home Care Pulse to objectively determine how we’re doing. So, when we say we’re the best at what we do, it’s based on what our clients and caregiving team tell us. That’s information you can trust.